We are looking for old vintage video tapes, reel to reel audio tapes and old film reels..

6th Nov 2021

Are you looking to get rid of any LP vinyl records, old vintage tapes, films or tape reels? Save yourself time and money by contacting us.

We will happily look to collect these from you for free and save you the hassle of going to the local recycling centre where these would end up being destroyed. Please don’t dump anything without getting in touch with use first. We are happy to pay fair, good prices for these. You will not have to pay any high sellers commission that you would be charged at an auctioneers or eBay and we would also collect for free which would save you more time and money.

If you have any of the below, please contact us..

  • Vinyl Records LP’s and Singles
  • Betamax Video Cassettes (Pre-recorded commercial release or any off air recordings)
  • Philips N1500 or N1700 cassettes. (These could be labelled LC-15, LC-30, LVC-150)
  • ¼” Reel to Reel audio tapes
  • 8mm or Super 8 Home Cine Films (Commercial releases or home movies)
  • Bulky 1″ or 2″ video tape
  • Compact cassette tapes
  • VHS Video Tapes (Commercial releases, ex rental tapes or off air recordings)
  • Video 2000 tapes (The could be VCC-360 or VCC-480)

Maybe you have had these stored away or you need to clear some space or part with a collection.

Please contact us via email support@retrocuriosity.com [link] or via our website contact form, please click here

Additionally you may have some vintage, old electronics you need to get rid of. We look for all kinds of items including transistor and valve radios, radio cassette players, reel to reel machines, vintage VCR video recorders and much more. We can make use of most things. Please consider contacting us before discarding or selling via auctions or online where you will have to pay high selling commission fees.

We are based in Chester Le Street in County Durham and can collect from across the North East and beyond either in person or via courier.

This costs you nothing.




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